At Temple Sholom Rabbi Michele Medwin D.Min. blends the traditional and the contemporary within the Reform movement. She balances the familiar prayers that bring comfort in repetition with new and creative changes that keep worship interesting and inspirational. She helps people find modern lessons and teachings in our ancient words, speaks about what is on people’s minds, and seeks ways to make Judaism more relevant to our personal lives as well as the larger world. Our worship experience becomes accessible as adults and children enthusiastically participate both in Hebrew and English, and singing, as our Rabbi accompanies us on guitar, to make a “joyful sound.”

The Rabbi works closely with the ritual committee to reach a broad spectrum of members. Shabbat, Holy Days and festivals, dinner services, special events and celebrations are all moments when we share the spirituality of Judaism through communal worship. Individual family life-cycle celebrations are especially warm and meaningful at Temple Sholom, as anyone who has attended our Bar and Bat Mitzvah services can attest.

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