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Our newsletter, The Harbinger, is published monthly and is an important source of information about Temple activities and the people who make things happen. Information that you wish to be considered for inclusion should be e-mailed to the editor. Deadline for consideration is the 14th day of the month prior to publication (i.e. Jun 14th for the Jul issue).

Honoring All Jews By Choice: Fri, May 18 at 7:30pm

It is traditional to read the book of Ruth on Shavuot. She was the first named person in the Bible to voluntarily join herself with the Jewish people. This year we would like to honor all Jews by Choice in our congregation – those who were not born Jewish but chose to be part our people by converting to Judaism. Rabbi Medwin will honor you under the Blessing Chuppah and if you are interested, ask you to share in the reading of the Book of Ruth that night. You are a blessing to us and we are grateful. Email Rabbi Medwin if you are interested or let the temple office know 845-794-8731

Guide to Jewish Customs Regarding Death and Mourning

A comprehensive guide written by Rabbi Medwin to help our members and their loved ones understand Jewish practices with respect to death, funerals and mourning. Click here for the pdf.

alz bk coverNew Book Published by Rabbi Medwin

The book is called, “Alzheimer’s Families: Emotional and Spiritual Tools for Coping.” It is available at as a paper back and Kindle. This book was written to educate family members, their friends, clergy, mental health counselors and psychotherapists, and others that deal with Alzheimer’s family members or Alzheimer’s patients. It offers emotional and spiritual tools to help families cope.

Century Club 2018

Renew your Century Club membership by clicking here for more information and the form. Return the form no later than August 3 to ensure that your name and dedication are inscribed on the plaque which will be displayed in the lobby.

“torahreading”Please help keep Rabbi Medwin Healthy

Attending Shabbat services is a time of greeting friends with handshakes and hugs. Rabbi Medwin is very susceptible to cold germs. If you have a cold please use the hand sanitizer provided and refrain from hugs or handshakes. A wave from a distance with a “I have a cold” will explain to her that you care.


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