I recently completed Part II of my book, A Spiritual Travel Guide to the World of God. Based on various experiences I have had during my rabbinic career, questions about God often arose that I didn’t always have answers to. This put me on a quest to see what Judaism had to offer for such questions as: Does God Exist?; Does God Hear My Prayers?; Why is There Evil in the World?; Why Do People Suffer?; and What Happens After I Die? The research led me to teach a series of classes with these questions as the topic of discussion. At the end of the classes, many participants came up to me and said, “You should write a book about this!” So I did.

While having discussions such as these, I would often have someone approach me and say, “I want to find a connection to God, but it just isn’t there. How do I do that? This inspired Part I of my book, which I published, knowing it might take a while to complete Part II. (It took four more years to do so.)

Here is a summary of each book.


Two Books Authored by Rabbi Michele Brand Medwin

Rabbi Medwin Book IA Spiritual Travel Guide–Part I: Packing for the Journey,
takes you on a journey exploring the world of God. It is a new approach to the age-old question, “How can I form a personal connection to a God or Higher Being that is beyond human comprehension?” It is a handbook for those who struggle with the concept of God, for those looking for a new understanding of God, and for those seeking a stronger connection to God. The “Travel Guide” also provides insights into the ancient words of the Jewish prayer service, allowing for a more meaningful worship experience. Whether atheist or believer, “A Spiritual Travel Guide” offers you modern Jewish ideas and concepts that make it easier to relate to God and seek out your own personal spirituality. Embarking on a spiritual journey such as this, can add meaning to your every day life.

Rabbi Medwin Book IIA Spiritual Travel Guide–Part II: God Questions on the Journey.
There are certain moments we experience, both wonderful and challenging, that cause us to evaluate who we are, what our purpose is, and what role, if any, God plays in our lives and in the world. A Spiritual Travel Guide: Part II – God Questions on the Journey, shows how Jewish theologians and philosophers over the ages have attempted to answer profound spiritual questions such as, “Why is there evil?” “Why do people suffer?” “What happens after I die?” “Does God Hear My Prayers?” You will see that there are various, and sometimes contradictory, ideas offered throughout the book. Each section is followed by “Thoughts to Ponder” so you can explore how your thoughts compare to those of the Jewish thinkers.

I have donated copies of both books to the Temple. They are available to purchase through the Temple office. All proceeds benefit the Temple. Part I is $14 and Part II is $24. If you buy both at the same time, the cost is $30.